Safety Plan

Personalized Safety Plan

Safety Plan Checklist

Important Paperwork

● Birth certificates and social security cards for yourself and your children

● Driver’s license and/or passports

● W2s and paystubs

● Work permits

● Government benefits card

● Green card or immigration papers

● Marriage, divorce and custody papers

● Legal protection or restraining orders and

records of any police reports you have filed

● Health insurance cards and medical records

● Your children’s school records

● Immunization records

● Financial records and bank account numbers

● Apartment rental agreement or lease, or house deed

● Car title, registration, and insurance documentation

Other items

● Pets, their records, and any needed items like food, a leash, bedding and medication

● Keys

● Clothing

● Small toys or books for your children

● Any keepsakes you would like to have

Tip: Leave a spare set of car keys with someone you trust in case the abuser takes yours to try to prevent you leaving.


● Cash and prepaid credit cards that can’t be traced

● Credit cards and the PIN numbers you need to withdraw cash


● A post office box or safe address where you can forward your mail

● Phone calling card

● Prepaid cell phone or a cell phone with a new contract and number

● Your address book or cell phone contacts

Tip: If possible, secure new doctors, dentists, orthodontists, veterinarians, schools and other locations for yourself, your children and your pets so your abuser can’t find you in those places and make a list of the contact information for each to take with you.


● Current medications and prescriptions for yourself and your children

● Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and any other medical devices you or your children need

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